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2018 Nomad Games – Arm Wrestling

In international arm wrestling competitions, athletes fight standing at a special table. Their elbows abut on pillows. The winner is the one who first makes reach the hand (palm) of rival out to the cushion. Competitions are held on both the right and the left hand.

  • Up to 75 kg,
  • up to 95 kg
  • up to 105 kg
  • over 105 kg;


  • up to 75 kg
  • over 75 kg.

Competitions are held in accordance with a drop-out system after two defeats. under the current rules of the World Armwrestling Federation.   competition rules of Armwrestling

Athlete from Kyrgyzstan Myrza Bilalov won two gold medals in arm wrestling at the Third World Nomad Games on Sept 3.

Myrza Bilalov

Arm Wrestling 8Arm Wrestling 9Arm Wrestling 10Arm Wrestling 11Arm Wrestling 13Arm Wrestling 14

American Christopher McKinney, looking cool in his shades won his match against Zohrab Mohsimov of Azerbaijan.

Uzbek Dmitriy Dokuchaev defeated Siddhath Malakar of India, but lost to Mirza Bilalov of Kyrgyzstan.

The Kazakh arm wrestling team consists of six athletes:ksana Pismennaya (75 kg), Antonina Lisyanskaya (+75kg), Vali Faradjov featured here wresting against Sergiy Melnyk of Ukranine and (75 kg), Andrei Stipanchuk (95kg), Oleg Sazonov (105kg) and Dmitry Trubin (+105kg).

Arm Wrestling 12


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