Osh Adventure Experience

Lake Tulpar-Kol

Lake Tulpar Kok is an amazing lake, a short distance from Sary Mogul with the best view of Lenin Peak – especially early in the morning, since later the weather can be really unpredictable.  It is a beautiful place, thePamir mountains are so colorful, purple rocks, marmots (or other similar cute creatures).

It is easy to go for treks from the lake to the view point which is in the front of Peak Lenin. Path is visible and easy.  Thre are several trekking options with beautiful vies (not all hardcore.)   You can start in the morning and at the end of the afternoon transfer back to the village. Ask in Peak Lenin Guesthouse for transfer to the lake.

If you go in peak summer season, you may see  horse games and you will see many yurts! Lenin Peak  at 7000 m  at and to spend a few nights next to yothis lake!

Lake Tulpar-Kol 1

There are two more authentic, friendly alternatives to the more standard touristic oriented CBT yurt camp.  ou can also put up your own tent.

One good option for  accommodation in the village we recommend Sunny Side Guest house. Accommodation is basic, , but family is really helpful. They will put fire for you, so it will be warm and cosy. Showerwill be in another small building, but they will put the fire also there, so it will be nice and toasty.  It is near the main road between two gas station and is visible from the main road. In application “maps.me” it is marked as Lenin Peak Guest house.


Lenin Peak



Ajidaar-Unkyur is a geological protected area (karst cave) located at slopes of Teo-Muyun Mountains in Osh Region of Kyrgyzstan. Its total length is about 100 m. The cave is inhabited by a large bat colony (Lesser Mouse-Eared Bat and Greater Horseshoe Bat)

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