Osh-Jalal Abad-Uzgen

Osh-Djalad Abad-Uzgen

Day 1

Pick at Osh Airport at 4:50

Drive to hotel

two hours rest

Meet for dinner where we introduce the dishes that are closest to Osh’s heart

Day 2

Pick up at hotel, take to breakfast

Sightseeing morning in Osh

Shopping morning in Osh

Lunch Where?

Afternoon at Cave Musuem

Day 2


Pick up at 7

Drive 1 hours

Breakfast stop at 8

Explore Uzgen

Day 3  – Djalal-Abad

One of Kyrgyzstan’s main branches of the Silk Road passed through Jalal-abad and the region has played host to travelers for thousands of years, although little archaeological remains are visible today – except in some of the more remote parts of the region – such as Saimalu Tash and the Chatkal valley. These have included travelers, traders, tourists and pilgrims (to the various holy sights) and sick people visiting the curative spas such as in the Ayub Tau mountain, at the altitude of 700 m above sea level some three kilometers out of town

Sary-Chelek Nature Reserve
Sary-Chelek Nature Reserve The lake in the middle is Кылс-Кёль

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