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2018 Nomad Games – Arm Wrestling

In international arm wrestling competitions, athletes fight standing at a special table. Their elbows abut on pillows. The winner is the one who first makes reach the hand (palm) of rival out to the cushion. Competitions are held on both the right and the left hand. Men Up to 75 kg, up to 95 kg… Continue reading 2018 Nomad Games – Arm Wrestling

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2018 Nomad Games Opening Ceremonies

The opening ceremonies at the 2018 Nomad Games in Kyrgyzstan were spectacular. Spectacular x A show of lights like the Olympics, but down to earth, artistic communicating a message rather than just pure splender. x Dancers Dancers Dancers x Music Kyrgyz Music Drums Komuz . Mouth Harp Manas x Art x x Horses Solo Horses… Continue reading 2018 Nomad Games Opening Ceremonies