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Personal Experiences

Kyrgystan is one of the few countries can you peer into the local way of life with such clarity.

CBT – Community Based Tourism

CBT (Community Based Tourism) is a company who works very hard at building a sustainable bridge between foreign visitors and local culture, and they have done a fantastic job.  CBT’s authentic home stays, yurt stays and village to village treks ensure that travellers experience the wonder that is Kyrgyzstan without the barriers that often separate us from the indigenous communities.

CBT Offiice Karakol
CBT Offiice Karakol


There are 16 CBT offices around Kyrgyzstan that can offer anything from horse treks and home stays to cultural shows and horse games. If you’re travelling in Kyrgyzstan, you’ll likely find a CBT office in almost every town you visit. CBT is the most popular community based project in Kyrgyzstan but they are not the only one and debatably, they are not the best.

Shepherd’s Life

Shepherd’s Life can arrange many of the same treks, home stays and folk shows as CBT. Although the Lonely Planet speaks higher of CBT, in our experience, Goats on the road says Shepherd’s Life gives travellers better options and offers  tours, treks and home stays at a  lower cost with better service.

Shepard's Life
hepherd’s Life Office In Kochkor

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