Kyrgyz Horse Back Tours

Horse back tours in the Kyrgyzstan can be a romantic adventure.


Come with us and experience the natural wonders of the Alay Ranges and the green steppes of Alay Valley.  Horse back riding is an important part of Kyrgyz culture and horses are still used in every day life in the mountains and wide open green grass covered steppes.

Alai Range
Horse back riding in the Alai Range is an exciting adventure and is an easily accessible day trip from Osh

We will cross the Alay Valley in Kyrgyzstan between China and Tajikistan,  starting from Osh to Jailoo Besh Konush.  Jailoo means pasture.  We will see women making kurut from the milk and husbands  feeding and taking care of sheep. 

Women milk horses and horses milk is  called saamal when it is new, and kumys after it has fermented for some hours.

Even the valley is about 3000m and you can feel it! Dress warm in summer and bring a lot of sun cream!

The Kyrgyz Horse is a small mountain horse. It is sure-footed and agile,  with the stamina and endurance needed for the mountain environment.  Kyrgyz people associate it with their nomadic past.  During the Soviet era , the Kyrgyz Horse was cross-bred with imported foreign breeds, including  Don  and Thoroughbred  breed, to create a new and larger breed, the Novokirgiz or New Kirgiz.


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