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Djailoo” in traditional Kyrgyz culture is a fundamental concept, embodying the summer pasture and grazing, where every year during warm period Kyrgyz nomads move their families and yurt homes. “Djailoo” occurs not only out of economic necessity, but also as a life-space and cultural practice that encourages free time and exploration for children.

Yurt 1

The precarious situation in contemporary Kyrgyzstan affects youth and hinders their access to education and books. Djailoo Reading, therefore, seeks to bring live readings and discussion—hosted by writers and/or actors—to ten remote communities in the Osh and Issyk-kul regions.

Djailoo 2

These live readings, which will be recorded, will then air throughout the school-year on Public Channel OTRK, creating a pilot TV program that promotes a culture of reading, regional collaboration and exchange.

Djailoo 1

Sources: Silk Routes, The University of Iowa.

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